Identity and Social Relationships Research Group

University of Lincoln

December 8, 2016
by Stefano Belli

Not “are or aren’t you”: More or less sex – more or less a virgin

Ava Horowitz from the ISR group has just published a paper, in collaboration with ex-undergraduate Edward Bedford, who collected the data as part of his third year dissertation study at the University of Lincoln.

The paper is titled “Graded Structure in Sexual Definitions: Categorizations of Having “Had Sex” and Virginity Loss Among Homosexual and Heterosexual Men and Women”.

People were asked to rate how far a group of behaviours ‘count’ as sex and as virginity loss. The findings challenge the assumption that defining sexual behaviours is about all or nothing judgments. Instead, there seems to be a hierarchy of acts, with some counting more vs. less than others. In addition, the sexual orientation of the rater was found to affect how some of the acts were rated. The paper offers a theoretical account for its findings, which may be of use to future researchers, policy makers and initiatives promoting health and wellbeing.

The paper is openly accessible at the following link from the website of the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior: 

December 1, 2016
by Stefano Belli

ISR Presentation Wins Award

Congratulations to Rachel Bromnick and Ava Horowitz of the ISR group along with their student collaborator Megan Kemp, whose recent workshop  “Keeping students engaged throughout a lecture: How to avoid premature packing away behaviours” was voted by delegates as the best presentation at RAISE2016: Researching, Advancing & Inspiring Student Engagement Annual Conference “Excellence in Student Engagement”.

The conference organisers remarked that delegates were fulsome in their praise of the workshop, so well done to all!


September 23, 2016
by Stefano Belli

Workshop at RAISE2016 conference

ISR group members Rachel Bromnick and Ava Horowitz presented a workshop at the recent RAISE2016 “Excellence in Student Engagement” conference at Loughborough University.



The workshop, titled “Keeping students engaged throughout a lecture: How to avoid premature packing away behaviours”, introduced exploratory research into the problem of students packing away their belongings before their university lecturer has finished talking. Applying Conversation Analysis, Rachel and Ava offered a way into understanding why this behaviour occurs, what triggers it and how it might be managed. Workshop participants shared their experience of the problem and their reflections on how to deal with it. A summary of the workshop can be found here.

September 6, 2016
by Stefano Belli

New paper on Future Mental Health Research

Stefano Belli from the ISR group has just published a new paper called “Where should we put the focus of schizophrenia research in the next five years? The ROAMER Project – Future Directions and their Implementation”, together with Prof. Dame Til Wykes and Prof. Josep Maria Haro.

The paper is freely available at the link below from the website of the journal “Die Psychiatrie“. The article was produced as part of the wider ROAMER project on mental health and wellbeing research in Europe, and discusses the implications of ROAMER’s findings for future research in the area of schizophrenia.